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All electronic loads can be used with "D to A" & "A to D" 0-5 volt controllers

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Electronic Loads & Avionics Power Supply


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for your Electronic Load projects

Military Grade Electronic Load modules - analog control

use with  ---  battery's  /  fuel cells  /  solar cells  /  Power Supplies

  • Electronic Loads - Modules - that mount on heat sinks

  • works at Full Power at 50 Deg. C - air temperature

  • Single Bias Supply Operation +12Vdc or +24Vdc 

  • loads Can be Battery Powered for portable use 

  • 0 - 50 Volts / O - 80 Amps / 300 Watts Power

 Avionics Lighting Power Supplies / Designed for Night Vision

Input 28 Volts the Output can be / 0-5V / 0-12V / 0-24V
Fixed / Adjustable / Tracking 18 different ways you can wire it up for your project.
Meets DO-160B Specifications