Nuclear Accelerated Generator Isotope Power Source

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This documents is a general overview of how the basics of the Nuclear Source works for the nuclear magnetron. The technology of the system is extremely complicated to design.

The Question:  Why did we choose a Nuclear Power Source  for making power?

  • From a performance stand point nuclear isotopes have a very long life compared to liquids fuels and gas fuels. In most cases size wise they produce 100,000 times more power and they can last for years of power production.
  • The isotope used has about 10 good atomic layers of atoms that can be used for power production. This is considered to be the usable ejection layer of energy. Atoms below the 10th layer in most cases the energy level is to low to be used because of other atoms blocking there way.
  • Isotope is considered to be a mass reduction device.  Mass reduction is a device that looses mass by ejection of atomic  particles.
  • From an electrical stand point most usable isotopes for an nuclear magnetron are considered to be constant current. The mass decay rate is so slow compared to other things in electronics that you can treat it like constant current. Of course we to have isotopes also that can fully decay in Pico seconds also that are useless for nuclear magnetron..
  • Isotopes do produce heat just from particles being ejected.

  • Isotopes weight and size for these power sources are extremely light weight and very small compared to thermal nuclear reactors. Science has come a long way since the thermal reactors were designed.  This idea of bigger is better just does not fit these new technologies.

The Question:  Does radiation from the isotope effect the nuclear magnetrons operation.?

  • No.! Radiation does not effect the performance of the nuclear magnetron at all.  Any radiation of gamma or x-rays can be stopped by the metals used in the magnetron and the shielding around the out side of the nuclear magnetron par of the cooling system of the nuclear magnetron..
  • Isotopes are more of an electrical device than most people understand.  Isotopes to an electrical engineer are just a constant current device like any other electrical devices.  Nuclear isotopes follow all the laws of electrical engineering when you look at it from an electrical device stand point. There is no magic in isotope there a power source just like a power supply only in most cases it high voltage type emission that are hard to use in electronics. And there are no electrical return loops to deal with. These are hard concepts to follow for an electrical engineer.
  • Nuclear Magnetrons only use either the Beta (electron negative charge) emission or they use the Alpha (positive) emission but not both at the same time.  Alpha and Beta charges cancel each other so there has to be a majority emission from a isotope. Again X-rays and Gamma rays have no effect on operation of the nuclear magnetron even if the isotopes emits them..