Nuclear Accelerated Generator Radiation Shield

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the radiation shield for the nuclear magnetron works.  The  radiation shield is part of the nuclear anode water cooling system. The nuclear magnetron needs water cooling and a good way to do that is use the water as a barrier to help stop any radiation the device produces.  Radiation is only produced in the Nuclear Magnetron when some high energy particle hits some metal object that produces X-Rays or Gamma Rays, and in a nuclear magnetron the vast majority of the energy from the isotope is used to produce oscillations in the resonators.

The Question:  Does the electron field produce radiation in large amounts in a Nuclear Magnetron.?

  • No, the electron field has to hit some kind of metal in most cases to produce radiation in the form of X-Rays or Gamma Rays.  And most of the electron field energy is used up in powering the resonators in the nuclear magnetron.

The Question:  Does the radiation shield weight a lot in a nuclear magnetron.?

  • No, not really for the amount of power it produces.  Compared to a real nuclear reactor it is light weight as you can get. The magnetron only needs about 0.5 inches of lead around it and since the devices is small for the amount of power it produces it does not weigh that much.

The Question:  It the radation shield i the nuclear magnetron radioactive.?

  • No, the radiation shield is not radioactive, it's not exposed to the isotopes used in the nuclear magnetron.