Nuclear Accelerated Generator R.F. Input Power Port

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the R.F. input power port on works in the nuclear magnetron.  The R.F. input power port is part of the cyclotron wave convert microwave power input.  The port allows the wave energy to enter the resonators in the cyclotron wave convert.

The Question:  What are RF Input Power Ports used for.?

  • Ports are used for tuning to a small band of microwave frequencies?

  • The ports are used to connect one device to another device.

  • Ports can be pressurized with gases also to keep moisture out.

  • Ports connect most of the time with mechanical nuts and bolts that align the wave guides with the ports.

The Question:  Are RF power ports dangerous.?

  • Yes, both the input and output ports can be dangerous just like electric line are.   Microwave radiation can leak from ports that are not tightened correctly.  That radation can burn your skin or harm you in other ways. Lots of times power ports have metal EMI rings around the port connection to stop EMI leakage that could be dangerous.

  • The EMI metal rings are not shown in the main page system picture.