Nuclear Accelerated Generator - Nuclear Cold Cathode

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the Nuclear Isotope Cold Cathode on how it works in the nuclear magnetron. 

The Question:  What is a cold cathode used for.?

  • Almost all tube type devices use what is know as a hot cathode. These cathode are heated with a filament to allow electrons to be pulled away from the cathode with an electrical charge. Cold cathode have no filament or heat associated with them to make them work. 

  • The cold cathode isotope from the time it is made emits particles, this could be electrons in some cases or it could be alpha particles in other cases.

  • We could also have both electrons and alpha particles at the same time that the charges cancel each other out.

  • Nuclear cathodes can also emit gamma rays and x-rays with electrons or alpha particles. But the nuclear magnetron can not use the energy in a gamma ray or an x-ray.

  • Nuclear cold cathodes are complicated to build from a design point.  The cathode has to stand the emission it produces with out melting and remain stable in power production.  You can't just take a gob of melted isotope and use it as a cold cathode.

  • Isotope does not operate like a heated cathode that has a known amount of current coming from it. Isotope very form second to second as to how many particles and how much current comes from it.

The Question:  Have we built nuclear cathode tubes before.?

  • Yes we have. Both cathode tubes and isotope anodes and isotope grids.

  • The problem with nuclear tubes is the isotope is so noisy that they don't make good amplification devices because of the noise they produce.

The Question:  Why do cold cathodes work for a magnetron type tube.?

  • Magnetrons tubes don't care about noise or care about amplification. The magnetron cares only about the energy the particles produce and how many particles there are for emission.

  • Nuclear cathodes can last for years and years.  Or they can last for hours or days depending on the isotope.

The Question:  Do alpha cold cathodes work the same way electron cold cathode do.?

  • Alpha cold cathodes work the same as electron cathodes do.  They have the same problems also.

  • Alpha cathodes have a disadvantage in the fact that alpha particles do more damage to the things they hit. Like other atoms, metals and ceramics. They can break the atoms apart and metals assoiated with them.