Nuclear Accelerated Generator Nuclear Magnetron

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This documents is a general overview of how the basics of the NAG system works. The technology of the system is extremely complicated to design and build almost to the point of using all the latest technology we have in 2022.  This makes a regular nuclear reactor look like a model T ford car. Will cover the basics of each section for a better understanding of why its needed and used.

The Question:  Why did we choose a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

There are several reasons for this.!  

  • Efficiency is the main reason since the power from the isotope energy can reach a conversion state in the 60%-90%+ range of microwave energy.   Compared to thermal conversion this is unheard of in nuclear physics.

  • Magnetrons can be built to withstand and use extremely high voltages from isotopes. A broad range of isotopes can be used in the designs of the nuclear magnetron devices.

  • Magnetrons can produce very large amounts of power.  Your microwave oven is really a very small power device. We have single device magnetrons that can produce power in the millions of watts used by the department of defense.

  • We have enough isotope from nuclear power plants in the United States to last every single person for over 200 years. An isotope is a green product because you can't store it or keep it contained and once its made from spent nuclear power plant reactor rods it is just a waste product to them and has to be used or it is just a loss byproduct.  Isotope starts breaking down from the time you make it and it can not be stopped.

  • The power from the isotope can last 3-28 years in some cases.  FE55 has a 3 year half life where as SR90 has a 28 year half life.  A half life is where the power from the isotope is at half its original value.

  • Nuclear Magnetrons can use both Beta Emitters (electrons that have a negative charge) or they can use Alpha Emitters (with a positive charge) normally we can't do this with tube type devices but in this case we can.

The Question:  Do Nuclear Magnetron follow normal magnetron design.?

  • To some point they do follow normal magnetron design, but you need a deep understanding of elements in a magnetron that are just not taught in school or books of designing a nuclear magnetron. Without the use of our patents and background producing a high power device is almost imposable.

The Question:  Are Nuclear Magnetron safe.?

  • Nuclear Magnetrons are about as safe as you can get for a high power nuclear devices.  You can't make bombs out of them, they will not melt down like a reactor can, even if the cooling system fails they will not spread radiation into the air.  The isotope from the old units can be recycled to reduce the cost of the new isotope in new units being built. About 1/2 of the old isotope can be used in the new unit that has huge cost savings to you / your customer.

The Question:  Why have we not made Nuclear Magnetron before.

  • We have made nuclear magnetron that produced low power R.F.. But they had frequency stability problems and could not be used with radar systems by the department of defense.  The noise it produces electrically can't be used in tube amplification electronic systems.

  • Nuclear magnetron with a power conversion system does not care about frequency stability or noise production since it filters all of that out of the DC electrical system and the frequency shift system attached to the control circuits can adjust for changes in the isotope energy production.

  • The nuclear magnetron is the only way to use a none-directed emission from the isotope and covert it into microwave energy which will reduce the weight of the device.  And produce a transfer of energy that can used in a high efficiency converter.