Nuclear Accelerated Generator Wave Guides

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the Wave Guide works for the nuclear magnetron. The technology of the system is extremely complicated to design.

The Question:  Why did we use wave guides with a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • The microwave energy traveling down a wave guide puts the majority of the energy in the gas / or vacuum of the wave guide, producing little to almost no heat in a wave guide and also reducing losses in the wave guide

  • Wave guides have different types of modes for transmission some mode work better for different types of signals or power traveling up or down them.  They can also have power reflections in them where power can get reflected back to the nuclear magnetron by standing waves in the wave guide.

  • Wave guides require port matching a type of impedance matching when going from a guide to a port of another device. The idea here is to couple as much power as you can from one device to the other device.

  • Wave guides do not act like electrical wires. Only to the point that they do have energy traveling down them.  You can't get an electrical shock by touching a wave guide.

  • Wave guides only have a small amount of power ever touch the metal guide that it is uses in. Most of the power is suspended in the wave guide. Wave guides can be use to mix and match or connect other devices to a single cyclotron wave converter. 

  • There is no nuclear radiation in a wave guide so it is safe to be around so long as there is no wave leakage coming from it. 

  • Most wave guides have physical ports that connect them to each other so removing devices or replacing devices is an easy task.

  • Unlike electrical wires wave guides can handle millions of watts being sent down them with out burning up. Wave guides can be made ultra light weight and still handle huge amounts of power. They can be made out of ceramic or light weight plastics and have metal coatings applied to them to handle high power microwave.

  • Wave guides can't explode. You can pressure rise them and put inert gases in them.