Nuclear Accelerated Generator System
Operation of Cyclotron Wave Converter

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the Cyclotron Wave Converter works for the nuclear magnetron. The technology of the system is extremely complicated to design. The Cyclotron Wave Converter is a Russian engineering patent that allow microwave energy to be converter into DC or Direct Current Energy just like you get from a battery or from a power supply. That can be used for powering other things.

The Question:  Why did we use a Cyclotron Wave Converter with a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • The cyclotron wave converter acts like a diode does in an AC power supply circuit.  They are unable to make a high power microwave diodes that can handle high currents.

  • The cyclotron wave converter is light weight and very small for the amount of power it can produce.

  • The cyclotron wave converter can be tuned to different frequency to match almost any frequency that a nuclear magnetron can produce.

  • The cyclotron wave converter can even be used with a remote antenna, transferring power over long distances.

  • Cyclotron wave converter can even be used in nuclear radioactive environment. X-ray and gamma rays don't effect there operation so they are great for use in outer space.

  • Cyclotron wave converter can even be used to power DC to AC power generation just like in your house.
    It can be used to power electric car motors and aircraft motors.

  • The life (MTBF) of the cyclotron wave converter can be years of use before it is need replaced.

  • Cost of making a cyclotron wave converter is extreamly cost effective for the amount of power.

Cycltron wave convert

50,000 watt device / weight apx 10 lb.