Nuclear Accelerated Generator Coupling Straps

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the frequency coupling straps works for the nuclear magnetron. 

The Question:  Why did we use frequency coupling straps in the Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • The magnetron has many resonators in the nuclear anode of the device.  If each anode resonator had the exact same dimensions the frequency of each resonator would be the same. But in the real world when building a magnetron tolerances can change the resonator frequency a little.  So to keep all the resonators at the same frequency we use coupling straps to port over a little bit of the frequency power produced by the other resonators and this keeps all the resonators on the same frequency with in a small bandwidth as the nuclear magnetron starts to age in use..  This make for a better power output of the device.

The Question:  Does the does the x-ray or gamma rays effect the frequency of the magnetron.?  

  • No, the x-ray and gamma rays have no effect on the frequency of the magnetron.

The Question:  Do the frequency coupling straps ware out.?  

  • In a general sense eveything in a nuclear magnetron will ware out at some point, but the frequency coupling straps are most likely the last things that would ware out from use.