Nuclear Accelerated Generator Water Cooling

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the water cooling works for the nuclear magnetron.  The water jacket also provides some more radiation shielding in help stopping X-rays and gamma rays emissions from the device. You can see the water ports for cooling a 3000 watt magnetron. Magnetron are so efficient in power conversion that they don't produce much heat.

The Question:  Why did we use water cooling in the Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • The nuclear anode gets hot from the microwave oscillations it produces and wave coupling being produced in the nuclear anode section of the magnetron.  If we did not have some kind of cooling the anode would over heat and it might melt the nuclear anode forcing the nuclear magnetron to stop working or melt some other section of the nuclear magnetron.  We also need the cooling to stop the magnets from loosing there magnetic field.

The Question:  Can radiation make the water cooling radioactive like in a nuclear power plant?

  • No, the cooling of the device is only to keep the nuclear anode from melting when its powered up.  The excess heat it generates has to have some where to go.  We don't use the water to produce any steam like a big ground nuclear power plant does.

 The Question:  Do we use heavy water like in a nuclear power plant to cool the nuclear magnetron?

  • No, we can use regular water or high temperature oils for cooling the device.

The Question:  How much heat does the nuclear magnetron produce?

  • Some where in the 5% to 20% range of the energy the nuclear magnetron produces is heat that has to be dissipated. But compared to a big nuclear power plant the Nuclear Magnetron is just way more efficient.