Nuclear Accelerated Generator Output Coupling Port

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the output coupling port for the nuclear magnetron works.  The output coupling port couples the wave oscillations of the nuclear anode power resonators through the vacuum sealed walls of the nuclear magnetron to a waveguide power output port via an internal antenna in a wave guide port.

The Question:  Why did we use a coupling port in a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • The wave energy need a way of being removed or coupled to a wave guide and the coupling port allows the wave energy to be transmitter to a device called a mode converter, some times the coupling port and mode converter are in the nuclear magnetron as a single piece.

The Question:  Are there different types of coupling ports in a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • Yes there are different types of coupling ports and you can have more than one output port in a nuclear magnetron if required for power reasons.

 The Question:  Do coupling port in a Nuclear Magnetron always use antennas?

  • No, in some cases it is just a output glass slot tuned to the correct frequency that couples the wave energy to the waveguide.

The Question:  How is so much power is transmitted in the Nuclear Magnetron.?

  • The wave energy is suspended in both the resonators and the wave guides as it travels to the power converter.