Nuclear Accelerated Generator Asymmetry Slots

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This documents is a general overview of  how the basics of the asymmetry slots for the nuclear magnetron works.  The  asymmetry slots are part of the oscillations chambers of one of the nuclear anode power resonators. The nuclear magnetron has several oscillation chambers to extract the energy from the ejected electrons and / or alpha particles that pass by the oscillation chamber or slots that make up the oscillation chamber.

The Question:  Why do we need oscillation chambers in a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • Although we can use the ejected energy directly the voltages are way to high and since it come from a single power source (one type of charge only) there is no electrical return loop for current flow like in a electrical circuit. Not having an electrical return loop is a real problem for electronics to work correctly.

The Question:  Are all the oscillation chambers in a Nuclear Magnetron for making power?

  • Yes, all asymmetry slots are for making power and the nuclear anode has waves of electromagnetic oscillation going back and forth in each cavity of the nuclear resonators.  And at the exit point all this power goes out the exit port that is part of the nuclear anode.

The Question:  Do the oscillation chambers get hot in a Nuclear Magnetron?

  • Yes they do.  They can get very hot if you don't remove the heat that the cavities produce. So hot they can melt metal very easily if the heat is not extracted. 

The Question:  Do the oscillation chambers in a Nuclear Magnetron produce the microwave energy?

  • Yes they do produce the microwave energy that they cyclotron wave converter uses.

The Question:  Does the electron field pass the oscillation chambers (resonators) in a Nuclear Magnetron.?

  • Yes, in fact the electron field does work some what like a standard magnetron. But there are differences in how it works as you get closer to the isotope.  Standard magnetrons use a heated cathode with a high voltage power supply and nuclear magnetron don't have heated cathodes.